7 Things We Wish We Had Known Before Gown Shopping

7 Things We Wish We Had Known Before Gown Shopping

The wedding planning process is a season in life that is full of excitement and one of the first big decisions that is made is the gown. Appointments are made and schedules are aligned to go out and find the perfect gown to marry your best friend in! All three of our stylists were lucky enough to have found the right gown, however, these are the seven things we wish we had known before we went gown shopping!

  1. It’s okay to fall in love with the first gown

In all honesty, the first gown you put on could be it! It is a frequent occurrence for us to go through a whole appointment worth of gowns only to put the first one back on. Of course, your stylist will show you other options of gowns, but keep an open mind to the thought that any gown could be The One. And just like finding a husband, you only need one gown! 

  1. Schedule between one to three appointments

Do some research before deciding where to go. Read reviews and ask others about their experiences will definitely help you narrow your selection down to 1-3 salons that fit your style and budget. Similar to the first point, have an open mind that you could find your gown at the first place you go. Remember that it is not an end to a stage in wedding planning, but is actually the beginning. You can now nail down the formal level of the ceremony/reception, pick bridesmaid dresses, and show your vendors your gown so they can get a better feel for what the wedding will be like. Your wedding dress sets the tone for the whole wedding!

  1. Be willing to try a different style/silhouette

For the most part, we all have been dreaming of our wedding day since a young age – we have seen gowns that we would love to wear on that special day. Having said that, you may actually surprise yourself with a different gown than what you had originally thought. If you are trying on the style/silouette you thought you liked and it’s not working, try a different direction. 

  1. Limit the amount of people you bring shopping with you

Bring the person or few people that you can’t make the decision without. It makes it more special for each of you. While it may seem like a good idea to bring all of your friends, you end up getting too many opinions that can confuse you in what you want. After you know who you are bringing, go ahead and talk to them about the style(s) of gown that you have been imaging. It will help you, them, and your stylist to all be on the same page and have a common vision.

  1. Show your stylist pictures of gowns 

Do you have a pinterest board where you have been keeping all your great wedding ideas? Share the pictures of gowns with your stylist! We love seeing what feel you are trying to capture for your wedding. Even if you don’t have a Pinterest board, see if you can find some gowns online that are similar to what you want to look like on your wedding day. You can offer to send those to the bridal shop before your appointment or just bring them when you come. Sometimes a picture can be more helpful than a description of a gown.

  1. Ask questions 

Sometimes all that can be keeping you from finding your gown is just some points of clarification! If the stylist that is helping you hasn’t already described the gown you are in, ask about the fit, fabric, how it would bustle, etc. Even if you are unsure, ask how a sash or a veil could change the look to be more like what you imagined.

  1. Saying ‘Yes’ to your dress should be easy

When you know, you know! Television may make you feel that you need to cry or have a very strong emotion, but more times than not, it is just a subtle feeling of “I am getting married!”  When you feel like a bride and can imagine yourself walking down the aisle to your handsome fiance, you have found your gown. 🙂

Above all of these things, remember to have fun and enjoy the wonderful memories you are making with the people closest to you! We would love for you call us at 615.224.3472 to schedule your private appointment to become a Fabulous Frocks bride. Let one of us stylists help you find the frock of your dreams to marry the man of your dreams!



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