Wedding Day Accessories

Wedding Day Accessories

Wedding_Day_Accessories“What jewelry should I wear with this dress?” This is a question we get all the time from brides — although there is no right answer, we’re here to help you decide. Whether you’re simply wearing a pair of studs borrowed from your grandmother or rocking all-over bling, your wedding day accessory choices tend to require some deliberation. Already know what kind of jewelry you want? Skip to the bottom of the post to see how you can get all your wedding day accessories for 10% off!

The accessories you choose are all about your own personal preferences, but most brides are on the same page about the following guidelines:

  1. If you have straps, sleeves, or some kind of illusion neckline, it might be best to avoid a necklace. Just let those aspects of your dress do their thing.
  2. If you’re not a huge jewelry-wearer, don’t go to your wedding dripping in diamonds. You want to be yourself on your big day!
  3. If you have the option to wear something meaningful, such as a family heirloom bracelet, wear that and keep the rest fairly simple.
  4. Speaking of keeping it simple, sometimes that’s best. If your gown is strapless, don’t feel like you need to wear a big sparkly necklace with matching earrings. We love the natural look of a bare collarbone with a strapless dress — no need to cover that up unless you want to!
  5. Have fun with it! If you want your “something blue” to be bright blue pumps, you do you!

SG_EarringsPerhaps the most common accessory donned by brides, earrings are often considered a must. Depending on your gown and your own personal style, you can opt for simple pearl or diamond studs, or something more eye-catching, like the sparkly chandelier stunners above. Another factor to consider is your hairstyle — some brides like to have their hair down and wear non-fussy studs while others prefer an updo so they can rock fabulous drop earrings.

HeadpiecesSG_CombsAnother great option to consider is a headpiece. Hair combs, flowers, hairbands, tiaras — you name it. If you feel like you need a little something extra but you aren’t much of a chandelier earring kind of girl, a headpiece is your new best friend. Whether your hair is up or down, headpieces are super easy to incorporate into your hairstyle.

DylanNecklace_CloseA necklace is another very common accessory to wear on your wedding day. As stated above, necklaces aren’t always needed — especially if your gown has a lot going on already — but if jewelry is your thing or you have a “something borrowed” necklace from Granny, go for it! If you do choose to wear a necklace, we love the look of a strand of pearls or the sweet pendant shown above.

Connie_braceletWe think bracelets are the perfect accessory to really have fun with. They usually don’t take away from your dress, are fairly small, and they won’t end up in every single picture like your earrings/necklace/headpiece probably will. If you want to sport a flashy cuff bracelet, we approve!

HarlowSash_1Here at Fabulous Frocks, we think sashes can be serious gamechangers on the right dress. Nothing like a sparkly sash or champagne-colored ribbon to add a little contrast and bring even more attention down to your tiny waist! If bling isn’t your thing, even a plain ribbon sash can define the smallest part of you in a super-flattering way. Another great option is to go sash-less for the ceremony, then put it on as a fun flair for party time at the reception!

MackenzieVeil_Reshoot_MidBrides often ask us if they “should” wear a veil — again, there is no right answer! It’s totally up to you and your style, but we think veils can be gorgeous! In our humble opinion, there’s nothing prettier than a floor-length veil billowing in the breeze as you walk down the aisle. Then you can remove it for the reception or switch it out with a short veil/birdcage so it’s not in your way on the dance floor. Depending on your dress, you can opt for a lace edge, ribbon edge, or just simply raw edge. If you feel like floor-length is a little too much, you can always choose fingertip- or elbow-length. To confuse you even more, a blusher covering your face during the ceremony is also an option, although more traditional.

Milk_HoneyLast but not least, your shoes are kind of a big decision. After all, you can’t get your gown hemmed until you have them picked out! Unless your dress is tea length or has a high-low hemline, no one will really see your kicks, so wear whatever is most comfortable. Flats are obviously the most  fuss-free, but a good wedge or shorter heel can be just as comfy. Just make sure you give your shoes a trial day so you’re not faced with surprise blisters on your big day — those were not on your registry. Not sure what shoes to get? Check out our blog post on Milk and Honey shoes here!

Bottom line, the accessories you choose for your wedding all depend on personal preference. Wear whatever fits your style and have fun doing it — remember, you want to be the best version of yourself on your wedding day!

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(image source: stylemepretty.com, saragabriel.com)

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