What Silhouette Is Right For Me?

What Silhouette Is Right For Me?

Hey brides! Want to know the easiest way to look your best on the big day? Choosing the right silhouette! One of the first questions we ask a bride after we learn their wedding day vision is their preference of shape. It may seem like a small detail, but it actually changes the whole feel of the gown! You want to feel your best and accentuate your favorite features – selecting the perfect silhouette can do that. To preface, whatever gown you choose should make you feel beautiful. So, even if someone else may think a different shape is better, you are the one wearing the gown and ultimately it is your decision! Below is a list and brief description of the common silhouettes in the bridal industry today!


Ball-gown – Classic! When most people think of ball-gowns, they think big, poofy, princess. While all of that may be true, the modern world of bridal has taken a different spin on things. There are skirts made of tulle, lace, embellishments, horse-hair-trim, handkerchief cut, and so many other takes on volume. One of our favorite aspects of ball-gowns is how the balance of a full skirt can make the waist look itty-bitty! This shape is great for girls that want to accentuate their waist, maybe hide curves on the lower half, or just want the ability to twirl and dance freely!

“2188” – Mikealla

A-line – Maybe you’re a bride that wants to highlight your waist, but with less fabric and frou-frou. An a-line is perfect for you! It looks lovely on several different body shapes. Because it generally has less material, it will be much lighter  weight in most cases. A common skirt for a-line is tulle, but just like ball-gowns, there are more options today then ever before!

“7803” – Ti Adora

Sheath – Challenge: say sheath shape five time fast! This silhouette is timeless. It has a more fitted top, hugs the waist and hips, then gracefully flows down. It allows you to show some curve without limiting your movement or feeling like you may be showing too much!

“Leia” – Theia

Fit-to-flare – Hey hottie! This shape does a perfect job of making a bride feel like a woman and show some curve. It may not have the volume at the bottom, but there is something very bridal about it. Several designers will use seam lines to there advantage to make the (eh hm) tush look even better!

Mermaid – Last, but certainly not least, is this show-stopper of a silhouette. Hugging the body all the way to the knee before flaring out, the mermaid is a real head-turner! Within the last 10 years, this shape has really made it’s name in bridal. The volume at the bottom still gives the bridal feel in a less traditional way!

“Jasper” – Lis Simon


These are just the main silhouettes. Within each group are subcategories, but at least now you can identify the most common shapes! Know the silhouette you want, but don’t have your gown yet? We would love to help! Give us a call at (615) 224-3472 or go to our website to book your private appointment! ♥



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