Accessorizing your wedding gown!

September 6, 2019

The big question: veil or no veil?

A veil is a an accessory that can truly make your gown unique and YOURS. When thinking about what kind of veil you want to wear with your gown there is always two questions to ask: short or long and trim or no trim? A short veil typically comes to the fingertips or elbows and help balance a tall frame. A floor length or cathedral length veil elongates the body and often comes out past the train of the gown. Veils without trim are often called “raw edge” because the tulle used to make the veil is cut and not finished at the edge. Trim on a veil can be a satin ribbon, lace or beading! Satin ribbon trim is a great option for gowns with a lot of detail and the soft satin adds a feminine touch. Lace trim is a great option for a simple gown to add a touch a flair; get it in cathedral length to have the lace come out past the train for that extra “wow” factor!

Adding some sparkle?

Want to add some sparkle to your gown? Jewelry is a great option to enhancing beading on your gown or adding some bling to a simple dress! If your gown already has beading on it then let that set the tone for the accessories you choose. Pick a jewelry with the same metal base and stones as used in the gown to bring the look full circle! Pairing jewelry with a simple and classic gown is a great way to show off your style! Wear a pair of heirloom pearls or go full bling with drop crystal earrings! When choosing to wear a necklace, the neckline of your gown can help you determine what type of necklace to wear. Classic pearls is always a great option, and if your gown has a v-neckline a drop necklace with a single stone is more of a modern twist! 

Heels or flats?

We all love a pair of sparkly heels to complete any look, don’t forget that your wedding day is going to be a whirlwind and a lot of time on your feet. If you are used to wearing heels, find the perfect ones to complete your look. If you are more of a sneakers or flat sandals girl (I’m right there with ya!), then find a comfortable pair of sparkly sneakers or sleek sandals. You can always change out your shoes from ceremony to reception if you want a little bit of extra height when standing across from your man at the altar!


















We can’t wait to see how all of our Louisville Fabulous Frocks brides accessorize their gowns! Schedule your private appointment at our Louisville bridal boutique and we’ll help you find your dream dress and accessories!



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