All About the Vibes

All About the Vibes

“Vibes” is such a common word now a days, and it is also a word that brides use to describe how they imagine the atmosphere will be at their wedding. So what wedding day vibes are hot and trending right now? Here are the ones that we have brides describing to us at the beginning of their appointment.

Up first, we have the Bohemian themed wedding.

With this type of wedding, you are going to be seeing lots of flowers and natural elements. As far as the dress for this gorgeous setting, typically a bride will go for something that has a lot of lace, maybe even some unique sleeves!

(peep one of our boho-fabulous Jasmine gown!)

jasmine boho

Here are some other gowns we deem boho as well!

theia boho


everbride boho

Next, there is romantic rustic theme.

With this, there are so many routes you can take as far as the gown goes. The atmosphere is more than likely going to be partially outside and then partially inside. A local venue that would be the perfect spot for a couple looking for this type of vibe would be Tobacco Barn Farm, which is located just north of the Kansas City area!

Here are some dresses that we think fit the vibe of a rustic wedding.


paloma blanca rustic


Stella York rustic


Next, we have the destination wedding!

Most of the time, couples that are having a destination wedding really play off of the location to plan all other aspects of their wedding. For example, for a beach wedding, you are going to see light and flowy elements. Maybe even some bright colors for the floral arrangement! For a wedding in the mountains in Colorado, you might see the use of a lot of greenery and maybe even a little fur shawl sported by the bride if it is going to be cooler outside! Like this one, designed by Jasmine Bridal.

jasmine bridal

For a beach wedding…..

jasmine beach


For a mountain wedding…

jasmine mountain

So many different options when it comes to the style of gown that will fit perfectly with the vibe of your big day at Fabulous Frocks of Kansas City! Click here to book your appointment with us today!

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