The Ultimate Bridal Veil Guide

April 17, 2020

Hello brides! We wanted to give you a look into our wide variety of veils to help complete your look for you big day! Whether you want to add some bling, drama, or just want something simple – we have a veil for you! The number one question we always get about veils is: “How do I choose a veil that won’t overpower my dress?”, and that’s what we are here for! We want to help you choose a veil to compliment your look without taking away from it. Here is a few tips and tricks to help you navigate the world of veils:


There are two easy ways to separate veil lengths – long and short. Long veils could consist of anything from floor length to cathedral, while short consists of fingertip to shoulder length depending on your preference. Here are examples of a long veil and a short veil we have in our boutique:

Long veil with lace applique

Short veil with pearl and Swarovski crystals along the edge


A veil with lace or sparkle is a great way to incorporate aspects of your gown into your accessories or to add a bit of drama to your look, especially if you are wearing a simple gown! So what type of “embellishments” are there? We have a variety of embellished veils with everything from Swarovski crystals to pearls, lace to horsehair trim, or even just a thin satin ribbon to finish off the edge. If you want the illusion of a long, dramatic train, without having to have it on your gown, then a long veil with lace edging could be a great option for you! Want sparkle but your dress doesn’t have any beading on it? Wear a veil with crystals to add a little bit of bling to your day! Below are¬† a few examples of veils we have in our boutique that feature embellishments.

Long veil with Swarovski crystals throughout

Long veil with thin lace trim

Short veil with thin satin ribbon edging

Blusher or no blusher?

Blushers on veils have come and gone throughout wedding trends, but what is the true meaning behind them? Blushers were originally used as a way to cover the bride’s face to prevent the groom from seeing her prior to their wedding. Blushers are a gorgeous way to add some dimension and drama to a look when pulled back behind the head, or can present a more traditional look when pulled over the face. Either way, we love how a blusher can add so much to a bridal look! Here are some examples of veils with blushers that we have in our boutique, show both ways (pulled back and over the face):

Short veil with blusher over the face

Short veil with blusher pulled back

Long veil with blusher over the face

Long veil with blusher pulled back

Whatever your preference or style we have so many veil options in our boutique to complete your wedding day look! Email us at louisville@fabulousfrocksbridal.com or call us at 502-384-0501 to have us help style you!



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