Bride on a Budget – Tips & Tricks

Bride on a Budget – Tips & Tricks

So you’re on a tight budget… There’s nothing wrong with that! It doesn’t mean you have to settle for anything less than your dream dress.

Below, I’ll share with you some tips for how to stay within budget (maybe even under!) and get what you want!

Here at Fabulous Frocks Bridal, we have many gowns in a wide range of prices and styles.

1. Don’t try on gowns that are way over your budget.

I’ve seen this so many times, and it’s really heartbreaking. If a gown is completely out of your price range, don’t put it on for fun or for your friends/family. If you fall in love with it, but can’t afford it, it’s going to be incredibly discouraging as you continue the appointment. It also makes your judgement impaired because you’re now comparing everything to an unattainable dress. If you have a firm budget, stick to it and don’t tease yourself!

Tip: Be upfront with your bridal consultant about your dress budget. This allows us to make sure we don’t put you in a gown you can’t afford!


2. Remember to include taxes and alterations expenses when you’re creating your budget.

A lot of people forget to include taxes + alterations when they decide what they want to spend on a dress. Taxes can be hard to estimate, since it depends on how expensive the dress you buy is. But depending on the dress, you could be spending hundreds of extra dollars on tax alone. And don’t forget the alterations. These can vary significantly depending on the company, labor required, type of fabric, time frame, and any custom work. If you didn’t include this in your maximum budget for your gown, you’ll be spending a lot more than you wanted to. A general rule of thumb for making a wedding dress budget is between 5-10% of your overall wedding cost.

TIP: Anticipate the tax and alterations costs. If necessary, decrease your budget for the gown itself by that amount.

3. Be patient.

Sometimes finding the dress of your dreams won’t happen at the first store. You may never get “that feeling” of knowing it’s the one. Every person is different and you have to know yourself.  Don’t get frustrated or turn into bride-zilla. Breathe and remember what your wedding is all about – marrying your best friend!


4. Consider a white or ivory bridesmaids dress as your wedding gown.

This option can be really great for a bride who is trying to stick below a $500 budget. Bridesmaids dresses can be like a blank canvas for you to create your own look as well. Consider adding a sash, an embellished veil, or other accessories to make it seem more bridal. No one will ever know it was originally a bridesmaids dress!

Tip: Did you know that we have tons of accessories like belts, detailed veils, and beaded sashes?! This beauty below can completely transform your gown into the dress of your dreams!


5. Don’t wait to shop until the last minute.

Unless you’re near a store that sells sample dresses, you’re going to have a hard time finding a dress for a wedding less than 6 months away. And if you do, there will be a pile of rush fees added on to your order. Production and shipping times can change on a whim, causing a lot of stress if you’re on a time crunch. This is why Fabulous Frocks Bridal is so helpful to brides on a tight schedule – almost all of our dresses are sold “off the rack”! Meaning, they are sample dresses you can take them home with you immediately!

6. Sample dresses are your new best friend!

Sample dresses sometimes have a bad stigma. For clarification, a sample dress hasn’t been worn down the aisle before or owned by someone else. It’s simply been tried on before. Think of it this way, every time you shop at a department store, you’re buying something that has been tried on before you bought it. Fabulous Frocks primarily sells sample dresses, so you’ll have over 300+ gowns to choose from! If you don’t live near a Fabulous Frocks location, ask for sample dresses when making an appointment at your local boutique.

Tip: If you can find a sample blowout sale the prices will be even better… just bring your girls with you for back-up!


7. Don’t settle.

My last and final rule. It’s YOUR big day and you shouldn’t feel like you have to wear something you don’t like because of the price. Get creative… find accessories and ways to make it your dream dress. Don’t feel forced into buying something that you don’t truly love. There’s a dress for everyone in this world – don’t settle until you find it!



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