Brides’ Guide: FAQs

Brides’ Guide: FAQs

You said “YES!” and now it is time to say yes to the dress! As you are just entering one of the most exciting and unique experiences of your life, you may feel more overwhelmed with questions than you have answers for. We are here to make your bridal gown shopping experience fun, easy, and one the happiest moments during your planning process. Here are some of the most frequently asked questions we get from brides and the answers you need!



1. How long does an appointment last?

We allow an hour and a half for an appointment. This gives plenty of time to be able to talk through the feel for your wedding day, gown styles you have in mind, trying on gowns, accessorizing, and taking celebratory pictures with our “I found my frock!” sign. Having said that, it will make things easier for the bride with a smaller party (preferably 4 guests or less) to hear the opinions that mean most when selecting the gown. Since we are a more intimate boutique, we ask that our brides arrive close to the appointment time as to not crowd a bride finishing her appointment before. Everyone wants to have their time to celebrate and enjoy the special moment!


2. How long does a made-to-order gown take to come in?

This depends on the designer and if a rush is necessary for the time frame, but in general, a made-to-order gown takes anywhere from 4-7 months to arrive. This is one reason why it is nice to find the gown early and avoid any added stress with a smaller time frame.


3. What is the price range for the gowns?

Our prices range from $1,400-$4,500, with the majority of our gowns ranging between $1,700-$3,000.


4. What if a ready-to-wed gown doesn’t fit?

If you are on a tighter time frame, or just happen to fall in love with one of these beauties, a ready-to-wed gown is perfect. With the ability to try on, purchase, and take home all in the same day, this will alleviate any shipping time. We tell all our brides that whether you select a ready-to-wed or a made-to-order, some alterations will need to be made. More often than not, the gown will need to be hemmed, a bustle added, an adjustment in the straps if present, and cups added. Only on rare occasions do gowns fit absolutely perfectly. And that’s okay, because bridal gowns are made to be altered!


5. What kind of veil should I choose?

Veils are all personal choice! Just like jewelry, it is just an extension of the gown and your personality. So, if you consider yourself more of a simple person, you may like a veil with a raw edge. If you love feminine and delicate touches, than a lace trim would be perfect for you. Don’t feel like you have to have the exact same lace on the gown as you do on the veil, you just want them to compliment each other!


6. If I come back to purchase a veil, do I get to take it home with me that day?

All of our veils are made-to-order. Sara Gabriel creates beautiful veils that are all custom and made by hand. The beauty of this is if you love the trim but not the length, they can make just what you are looking for!  If you do not purchase your veil during your initial appointment, allow at least 2-3 months before the wedding for your veil to be lovingly sewn for you!


7. When do I need to get alterations?

Ideally, you want to begin alterations about 2-3 months out. Go ahead and contact the seamstress about 4 months out from the wedding date to ensure you get on their schedule. The reason for holding off on alterations until then is to make sure your gown fits as perfect as possible without having to stress over any weight fluctuations.


8.  Do you do alterations in-house?

With us being a smaller boutique, we do not do alterations in-house. However, we do have several highly recommended seamstresses that specialize in wedding gowns. They each have independent pricing and schedules, so we will give you their contact information and let you arrange what would be best for you! Our brides are by no means required to use our seamstresses, but we just ask that whoever is selected specializes in wedding gowns.


9. Can we take pictures?

Of course! We want you to be able to remember such an exciting day! Sometimes it is easier when deciding between two gowns to look at pictures back and forth. Just remember that if the gown doesn’t look as great on a phone, that a professional camera and photographer on the wedding day will know exactly how to find the perfect lighting and flattering angles!


10. What designers do you carry?

For made-to-order, we carry W-too, Theia, Tara Keely, Lis Simon, and Mikaella. Our ready-to-wed gowns cover somewhere over 30 different designers.


We hope that these answers have helped ease your mind! If you have any more questions, we would love to hear from you! You can also call us at (615) 224-3472 or send us an appointment request to schedule at time for you to come by the boutique! We would love be a small part of your big day by helping you find your gown! ♥




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