Fall Wedding Tips

Fall Wedding Tips

Planning a fall wedding? We have rounded up our most tried and true tips to help you achieve the fall wedding of your dreams!

Tip #1: We all LOVE fall sweets and treats, so incorporating some simple fall themed deserts will without a doubt make your wedding pop, especially for those guests who aren’t cake lovers!!

Tip #2: With the crisp weather in the autumn months it is always nice to offer blankets for your guests incase they get cold. Wrapping them up and putting them on a cute display will make your guests feel warm and comfortable so that all the attention can be on you for your big day!

Tips #3: Embrace the fall season into your theme! If you’re going to get married in fall why not embrace the whole season with your theme by adding pumpkins and colored leaves to the mix. The colors will be sure to make your pictures stand out!

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Tip #4: Smore’s themed gift boxes are a must to thank you closest friends and family for celebrating such a special day with you! Whenever they make this sweet treat at home they will be sure to remember all the wonderful memories they had from your wedding day!

We hope these tips help you plan the fall wedding of your dreams! If you’re in need of a gorgeous gown for your fall wedding, give us a call at 615.224.3472 to schedule an appointment today!

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