Gifts For The Mother Of The Bride

Gifts For The Mother Of The Bride

They have been there since the beginning. They have held your hand to cross the street, kissed your booboos, and given countless hugs and kisses. Moms hold a special place in a bride’s heart. So, with Mother’s Day approaching, now is a great to be thinking of a gift to get your mom who has given you so much. Whether it is as simple as a note or personalized necklace, coming up with just the right thing can be difficult. We have put together ideas any mom would love!


With all the hustle and bustle of wedding day, you don’t always get the chance to stop and take in the moment. The words you want to say may be hard to find, but you feel them. We love this sweet print that you can put all of the things you want to tell your mom in a way she can hold on to forever.


No matter how many times she says she is going to hold it together through the ceremony, you can never be too sure. Getting her a personalized handkerchief with an endearing note or just her monogram is a little way to let her know her tears don’t go unnoticed.


Moms don’t usually come out and say that they want a little sparkle, but they don’t complain when they get it either! Jewelry can be just the thing that completes her look and will be worn on other occasions. Every time she puts it on, she will think back to the special day her daughter married the man of her dreams!


We have been loving the gift box idea for bridesmaids. Why should mom be left out of the loop? Gift boxes like this allow her to treat herself and to relax through the process of helping with the wedding!


Not every mom is in to the sparkly jewelry or ways to pamper themselves. However, putting an engraved note inside of a bracelet or on a locket is the perfect way to accessorize in a simple way that still allows you to express your love!


Truly, you could thank your mom for eternity and it would never quite feel like enough. But, we hope these ideas have helped you in finding a way to show your love and thankfulness! Another way to make your mom feel special is to include her in your gown shopping! We would love to have the both of you in to the boutique and help you find the perfect dress! Give us a call at (615)224-3472 or go to our website to book your private appointment today! We’re excited to help you find your Fabulous Frock!



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