Unveiling the Secret to Veils

Unveiling the Secret to Veils

Unveiling the Secret to Veils

Bride: “I love this gown!! Can I try it with a veil?”

Consultant: “Of course! Did you have anything in particular in mind for a veil?”

Bride: (with a look of confusion) “….Uhhh…”

You spend a lifetime thinking about your wedding gown, but suddenly the veil (or the cherry on top of the most perfect sundae) completely blindsides you! One of the most common questions we are asked at Fabulous Frocks of Nashville is which veil to select. At the end of the day, the veil truly comes down to the bride’s preference. But, choosing the right veil with your gown takes it from just any white dress, to the gown that you will marry your soulmate in♥. We’re here to give you a little industry knowledge that could help make your selection a little bit easier!

All of the beautiful veils we carry are by Sara Gabriel. Every piece is made by hand in Denver, Colorado. Sara has grown her small business into one of the most sought after lines in the industry in just 17 years. We love how every veil ordered arrives with its very own carrier, is addressed to the bride, and signed by the veil maker. Such a personal touch!

An important thing to consider with your veil is the length that you would like. One of our favorite qualities about Sara Gabriel is the ability to customize the length. Below is a picture that helps show the varying points veils end. The venue, level of formality of the event (evening and black tie v. daytime and dressy casual), and style/train length of your gown can play a part in the length you will choose. But at the wedding, you will be the one wearing the veil, so it is truly up to your preference of what you like.


Here is a little more information about some of our absolute favorite veils:

Ms. Chelsea – This lightly lace-trimmed beauty is perfect to add lace to a simple look or to tie in the lace from your gown to the veil. The cathedral length creates a breath-taking look!

Ms. Dia – Need a little something special to set you apart? This fingertip-length veil will definitely catch the light and the eyes of everyone in attendance with her embellished edge.

Ms. Lauren – Simply elegant! We have yet to find a gown that this timeless chapel-length veil hasn’t help take the whole look to the next level. This veil particularly looks amazing with tulle skirt gowns because it creates the illusion that the veil melts into the back of the gown.

Ms. Lillian – Here in the south, classic never goes out of style. With her gorgeous lace trim that starts at the fingertips and travels down to her chapel-length, you will definitely make all the mommas’ hearts melt!

Ms. Phoebe – This swoon-worthy, horse-hair trimmed, chapel-length veil is sure to take the drama to the next level. Her two layers create such beautiful elegance with each step you take down the aisle.

Ms. Trinity – If there ever was a veil that would be passed down from one generation to the next, it would be this one. The center lace panel speaks volumes for the allure of this chapel-length veil.

Ms. Erica – With her circle cut that creates the two layers, everything about this fingertip-length veil says polished and graceful. And for those brides that love the idea of using a blusher, the short layer is made to be worn as such!


We’d love to have you in to try on any of these veils, plus many other styles at our boutique today! Call us at 615.224.3472 to schedule your private appointment with one of our stylists. We can’t wait to help you find your fabulous frock and veil!



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