Accessory Spotlight: Veils!

October 31, 2022

Hi Brides! A common part of dress shopping is adding a veil. Veils elevate the look and often are the wow factor that complete the bridal ensemble! Here are some of our favorites!

Long and Simple

This is a staple at our shop! A long and simple veil complements any dress, whether it’s detailed or sleek. It does not take away from the dress, but simply elevates it by completing the classic bridal look. Added bonus — a veil allows for stunning photos of it floating in the wind like this one!

Photo by Annalise Foster.

Classic Pearls

It’s just as it sounds — classic and beautiful! A pearl veil adds a touch of sparkle and detail to your wedding day look. Our long pearl veil is a bestseller, and the way it photographs is stunning!

Photo by Angel Patricia Photography.

A Touch of Lace

Lace is such a versatile detail for veils! It adds to an already detailed gown by providing texture and layers of embellishment. It also gives the illusion of detail on a clean and classic dress! A long lace veil doubles as a detailed train — one of our favorite features of a dress!

Photo by Howl Photography.

A Pop of Drama

Looking to add a little bit of drama to your bridal look? Go for a layered veil! Our favorite features a horsehair trim to give the veil shape, and the layered look adds to any style gown!

Joe and Christian Leaphart Photography.

Ready to find your dream dress and match it with the perfect veil? Request an appointment with us! We can’t wait to help style your wedding day look!

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