Behind the Collection: Designer Feature

July 19, 2023

Happy Wednesday, brides! We are excited to introduce a new series here on the Fab Frocks of KC Blog: Behind the Collection: Designer Feature. In this series, we will be taking an in-depth look at our designers and what makes their collections unique!

This week, we are featuring a newer designer to Fabulous Frocks of KC, Jimme Huang! We are lucky to be one of just TWO retailers in the entire state of Missouri that carry the fascinating designs of Jimme Huang Bridal.

Check out more about him and his collections below.

Who is Jimme Huang?


Jimme E. Huang is the designer behind Jimme Huang Bridal. He entered the formal wear scene about 12 years ago, catering to the prom and pageant markets. After making his mark on the formalwear industry, he took a chance and designed his first bridal collection. The rest is history! 

In addition to designing his collections, (as if that isn’t enough!) he still oversees the marketing of all divisions all while having over 100 stores across the country. Our favorite thing about Jimme is that he is personable, accessible, and makes a point to interact with all of his retailers. He is always one text away, which makes for a special, 1:1 experience. Additionally, he’s no stranger to trunk shows and fashion shows! We can’t wait to see him at Bridal Market next month!

The Jimme Huang Bride

The Jimme Huang style is unique. Besides catering to all brides, Jimme Huang Bridal is sure to push the boundaries and break barriers in modern fashion. Ranging from simple and classic to detailed and unique, his designs are made for the bride who wants their look to be sexy, modern, luxury, and classic all wrapped into one! With a wide variety of designs, his collections cater to all brides looking for that perfect touch of modern within their bridal look.

Jimme Huang Bridal Collections at Fabulous Frocks


The Amore collection is meant to reflect the french meaning of love. These dresses are designed with the use of delicate lace patterns, obviously paying close attention to detail! Perfect for the sexy and romantic bride.


The Aura collection is meant to reflect the Goddess of Air. Made with super lightweight and delicate materials, the gowns are perfect for the whimsical and fun bride!


This collection is meant to reflect the Goddess of Flowers. In addition to 3D floral appliques and lace patterns, every gown has its own unique lace pattern different from the rest. Perfect for the unique bride!


This collection is meant to reflect the Spanish and Italian meaning of the moon. Inspired by the beautiful moonlight, this collection perfectly accentuates the lines of a woman’s body and is perfect for the classic bride.

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