Behind the Veil: Consultant Cyndal’s Fall Wedding!

November 11, 2022

October was very exciting for the Fab Frocks Nashville team, as our very own consultant, Cyndal, tied the knot! We sat down with her to hear about her wedding and her experience as a #FabFrocksBride.

Tell us a little bit about your wedding!

“I had a large wedding in Cedar Hill, TN on October 8th, 2022. It was truly a dream come true and better than 14-year-old me, could have ever imagined. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, the drinks were strong, and most of all, the overflowing love was contagious.”

Originally from Illinois and Wisconsin, Cyndal and her husband James had many guests travel from our of state. To welcome them to the south, dinner was a family-style southern meal of brisket, cornbread, green beans and twice baked potatoes.

In true Nashville fashion, they had The Voice alum Tim Cote perform live music at the reception rather than a DJ. “No one wanted the night to end,” Cyndal said. She and James even got on stage and performed with Cote! Cyndal changed into a jumpsuit for the reception!

Fav part of the wedding? 

“My favorite part of the wedding was the first look with my husband. Gosh, that still feels so weird to say!”

“We wrote our own vows and read them to each other during the first look. It was so personal and romantic! Highly recommend to every bride that you make your wedding special to you!”

What were you looking for in a dress?

“I wanted something unique but also classic and timeless.”

Cyndal was almost certain that she wanted lace and some sort of sparkle detail. “I was adamant that I wouldn’t say yes ballgown,” she added.

Cyndal’s Pinterest:

How did you know it was the dress?!

“My experience saying yes to my dress was truly one of a kind! I was filming a reel to post on the Fabulous Frocks Instagram with Rachel.”

Cyndal was excited to show off this new Milla Nova to our brides on Instagram. What was meant for brides to see a new arrival ended up being Cyndal’s magical “yes to the dress” moment.

Seeing her reaction to the gown, consultant Rachel snapped a photo of Cyndal looking at herself in the mirror. So precious!

“When I looked in the mirror I felt a rush of emotions. More than anything, I had this overwhelming sense that I didn’t want to leave the store without this dress.”

“Rachel was so sweet and got my mom on FaceTime since she lives in Wisconsin, and ultimately I said yes!”

Cyndal said yes to Blisse by Milla Nova, a designer out of Ukraine. It featured bow straps and a corset back.

What is your advice to brides?

“Do not let the opinions of others deter you from your dream dress. It really can be easy and should be fun! Finding your dress isn’t like the movies make it seem. It’s not complicated and you don’t need to over think it! It’s all a feeling! Not everyone cries! I didn’t!”

Cyndal also shared how her experience as a bride helps her in her job as a consultant.

“I feel like I am a much better bridal stylist because I have been through the process. The brides and I can connect because we are in the same stage of life. I also get to remember and replay the moment I found my dress over and over in my head. I want them to have the same experience!”

Consultants Rachel & Cyndal after Cyndal said yes to the dress.

Nothing brings me more joy than taking a soon-to-be bride’s photo with the “I Found my Frock” sign!

Cyndal works at Fabulous Frocks part time, as she has a full time job in healthcare management during the week. “I count down the days until Saturday to meet my brides,” she said.

Moving Forward

Going forward, Cyndal is thrilled to be married to James, and they can’t wait to create their own traditions. This year, they will host Thanksgiving for their families at their home. “It just brings me so much joy!”

Talking with Cyndal about her wedding day was such a treat. She’s excited to use her experience to help her brides! To meet Cyndal and find your frock, request an appointment with us!

“I can honestly say that I have never felt more beautiful than I did on my wedding day,” she said. “That is what I want for every one of the brides I get the blessing to know!”

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