Choosing a Wedding Hairstyle You’ll Love!

August 8, 2019

Happy Thursday! We decided to kick off the weekend with a blog post to help you choose your wedding hairstyle! There are so many different styles to choose from it can become a little overwhelming so we figured we would offer you guys a few tips and tricks!

1. Find your dress first!

Once you find your gown it can make it a little easier to decide on your hairstyle! This being for many reasons! For instance, if your dress has a boho vibe you might want to go with a boho hair style such as a flower crown or a loose side bride. Another reason to find your dress first is incase you choose a neckline you weren’t planning! Sometimes our brides with strapless dresses may be more open to leaving your hair down.

2. Create a Pinterest board!

Hairdressers will recommend scrolling through pinterest and pinning anything that catches your eye! It’s good to have different options/ideas which leaves room for error. (Check out our “Wedding Hair” Pinterest board for inspiration! https://www.pinterest.com/fabfrocksnash/wedding-hair/ )

3.  Do a trial run!

Always do a trial run before your big day! Doing a successful trial run makes you feel so much more relaxed, there’s nothing worse than stressing the day of your wedding because you’re winging your hairstyle!

Here are some of our favorite wedding day hairstyles!

A great option for our brides with short hair!

Simple but elegant! Perfect for a boho or romantic wedding!

Another great option for our brides with short hair, nothing cuter than a flower crown!

An up do will never go out of style! Great option for our brides having a summer wedding, your hair will remain in place and out of your face.

Side braids are becoming so much more popular! Feel like your hair isn’t long enough for a braid? Extensions are always a great option!


No matter what hairstyle you choose, you will be turning heads! Don’t forget to pick the perfect dress before you pick the perfect hair style.

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