Earrings: Completing the Bridal Look!

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Earrings: Completing the Bridal Look!

Happy March, Brides! We love March because it brings us beautiful spring weather! Spring also brings us a new collection of earrings! Earrings are a great way to tie in the entire bridal look. We have so much fun working with our accessories designer to create custom earring options for each bride! Earring customizations can include different earring stones, various earring metals, and earring designs!


Earring Designs:

The first step to creating the perfect earring is to try on several designs and shapes! Are you liking more dangly earrings or more of a stud? Do you want something more simple or do you want to make more of a statement? After you find your gown, your bridal stylist will be able to help you narrow down your earring ideas! Once you’ve narrowed down the shape of your favorite earrings, the next step is to choose the stone!


woman in pearl hoop earring

We love the unique shape of these pearl earrings!

woman wearing drop crystal earrings

The shape of these earrings give us art deco vibes!

woman wearing stud earrings

If you’re loving more of a stud earring, these are for you!

Earring Stones:

There are several types of stones and crystals that can be set into our earrings including Swarovski crystals, pearls, opals, and champagne stones! It’s so fun to choose between different stones to best compliment your bridal gown! For example, a champagne colored gown would be stunning with the champagne stones! Opals are a unique option that pair well with most gown colors! Swarovski crystals are always the go-to stone for a glam bride! Pearls are a great way to make a statement while remaining completely timeless! Once you’ve chosen your perfect stone, next it’s time to choose the metal color!

woman wearing pearl earrings

Pearls are a great way to add to a classic and timeless look!

woman in drop opal earrings

Opals are such a unique stone and go well with so many styles of gowns!

woman wearing crystal earring

Swarovski crystals are perfect for a glamorous bride!

woman in champagne earring

Champagne stones are perfect for brides that want to bring out the champagne color of their gown!

Earrings: Metal Colors

After choosing the perfect stones for your custom earrings, the next step is choosing the metal color! There are three colors of metal to choose from including silver, yellow gold, and rose gold! There are several ways to choose what metal color is best for you. First, what color metal is your engagement ring? While they don’t need to match, some brides prefer the colors to be cohesive. Another way to choose a metal color is based off the color of your bridal gown! For instance, a blush gown would look gorgeous with rose gold earrings!

woman in silver metal earring

Silver metal ties in so well with any color of gown!

woman in rose gold earring

Rose gold is a fun and unique metal color that we are in love with!

woman wearing leafy drop earrings

Yellow gold is so timeless and versatile!


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