Fall Wedding Inspiration!

September 6, 2019

Hi Lovelies! We hope that everyone enjoyed their long weekend. Now that Labor Day is over we have one thing on our minds, FALL! Pumpkin spice everything!! A lot of our 2020 brides are starting to plan their cozy fall weddings so we decided to give you some fall inspiration!

The Color Palette!

Fall is known for its warm, fuzzy comfort colors. This can include anything from burnt orange, dark maroon or deep navy. Whatever vibe you’re going for can reflect in your color pallete!

Having a warm natural wedding? Shoot for orange, reds and all the neutrals.

Going for a little bit more glam? Add in some gold or copper!

Want all the elegance? Try out deep purples and navy!

The Food of Fall!

Of course this season is pumpkin over load so feel free to incorporate pumpkin into your food selection weather you offer pumpkin spice lattes or just decorating your wedding cake with them!

Incorporate all the favorite fall fruits into your dessert bar! This can be anything such as cranberry tarts, apple cider donuts or any type of autumn pie! (yummmm)

Fall Florals!

There are sooo many options when it comes to your fall florals, so have fun with it! Here are some of our favorites!

  • Sunflowers for a touch of yellow
  • Deep red roses
  • Warm color Dahlias
  • Bright orange roses
  • Any touch of plum foliage




We absolutely love Fall and all the weddings that come with it! Whether you’re planning a short engagement and getting married this fall or getting married next fall, let us help you find your dream dress! We are by appointment only so give us a call to schedule your appointment today!

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