Happy Holidays from Fabulous Frocks!

December 21, 2022

Hi Brides!

It’s an exciting week here at Fab Frocks and everywhere, as the holidays are approaching! We started the month with our successful toy drive, and we are ending the month excited for the holidays!

To celebrate the season, the Fab Frocks girls had a Christmas get-together! Since we’re such a small boutique, it’s rare for all four of us to be together. During our dinner together, we exchanged gifts and shared our favorite holiday traditions! We’re excited to share them with you!

Amy’s Favorite Holiday Tradition

“My favorite holiday tradition is doing a 1000 piece Christmas puzzle! I get a different one each year!”

Amy puts the puzzle together throughout the holiday season. Once she has completed it, she frames it to hang in her home for the years to come!

Rachel’s Favorite Holiday Tradition

“Ever since I was little, my siblings and I wait at the top of the stairs on Christmas morning. My mom goes over by the tree with the camera, and my dad stands at the bottom of the stairs. He gives us the go-ahead and films us running down the stairs to see the tree and all the gifts!”

Rachel and her siblings still continue this tradition.

“My siblings, my husband, and I all get matching pajamas and wait at the top of the stairs each Christmas morning. It’s forever my favorite part of Christmas!”

Cyndal’s Favorite Holiday Tradition

“Every year my family gets new pjs. We open them Christmas Eve after church and then wear them to bed and the whole next day! I love a cozy Christmas!”

This year is Cyndal and her husband’s first holiday as a married couple! They plan to continue this tradition for years to come.

Marlena’s Favorite Holiday Tradition

“My favorite holiday tradition is watching the movie White Christmas with my family on Christmas Eve!”

In addition to the holidays, Marlena’s celebration continues, as her birthday is the day after Christmas! Growing up, her family transformed the Christmas tree into a birthday tree for her special day!

From the Fab Frocks family to your family, we wish you a very happy holidays!

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