Preparing for your Bridal Appointment!

February 6, 2023

Hi Brides! We’re keeping busy with all of our brides coming in, and since right now is such a busy time at Fab Frocks, we thought it’d be a good time for some tips on how to prepare for your appointment!

Find Inspiration!

There is a whole wide world of wedding gowns out there — which can be intimidating when you’re starting the shopping process! Use platforms like Pinterest and Instagram to browse inspiration photos for gowns. This will help you narrow down what styles, details, and silhouettes you are most interested in!

Define your Budget!

Prior to shopping, have a discussion on what your gown budget is. This is helpful for you and your stylist, as you will have a common understanding of what gowns are within your pricepoint. Things to keep in mind for your dress budget are veils and accessories, alterations, and tax.

Bring Key People!

Having the right people with you for the appointment is key! It’s important to bring family and friends that will cheer you on during your appointment and help you come to your decision. Bringing too many guests can create too many opinions and make the process confusing. Team Bride!

Narrow Your Choices as You Go!

It can be really easy to like elements of each gown that you try on — be sure to narrow your choices as you go! Getting to decision time with one or two favorites will be much easier than getting to the end with multiple contenders. Once you find a gown you love, compare everything else to it. Do you love it as much as that one? If no, rule it out! If you love it more, make it the new benchmark!

Don’t Overshop!

When booking your appointments, it can be easy to want to schedule for every store in town! The truth is that most brides find their gown at one of their first appointments! Start by scheduling 1 or 2, and if after that, you still haven’t found the one, schedule more from there.

Trust Your Consultant!

You consultant has your best interest at heart and is here to help you find your dream dress! With over 200 gowns in store, they’ve got the inventory memorized and will pull gowns that you’re excited to try! Be open to their suggestions, as well – we love a good wild card gown!

Have Fun!

We always say that finding your dress should be fun and easy! Once you try a few gowns on, you’ll know what direction you want to go, which will help make the process upbeat and stress-free! Finding your dress is a feeling!

Ready to find your frock? Request an appointment with us! We can’t wait to make you a Fab Frocks Bride!!

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