Real Bride: A Classic and Elegant Wedding!

May 1, 2020

Happy May, everyone! We recently talked with our real bride, Lauren, about her beautiful and elegant wedding! Lauren and her husband Eric met at work. They both work for a small organization and were the only single people there! We’re so excited to share their beautiful photos and personal touches they added to their wedding!


Lauren’s Elegant Wedding:

Lauren and Eric tied the knot on October 12, 2019 at the Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Lenexa. Their wedding was everything she had envisioned! We asked Lauren to describe her overall vision she had for her wedding day, “We wanted our day to be classic, timeless, elegant and personal! Each piece of our wedding had personalized elements. The invitations and monograms were designed by my aunt, our friends were our musicians, our priests were either a family member or long-time friend, my necklace was made from family heirloom diamonds, my veil was borrowed from a sorority sister, our specialty drinks were personalized with hashtags, and we used as many friends as we could as vendors!”

bride and groom after they got married and walking down the aisle

bride and groom sitting on rocks

bride and groom in elegant wedding

Lauren’s First Look:

“One special aspect of our wedding was our “first look” where we exchanged letters and small gifts before the ceremony. We went to a small chapel  ahead of our wedding and I sat behind him so we wouldn’t see each other. I handed him the letter I had written that morning for our wedding day as the 150th letter I’d written to him over 10 years. I started a journal in 2009 to “my husband”, who I had no indication of who he’d be. When we started dating in 2017, I started a separate journal with letters addressed to him and why I loved him. There were 149 letters total, which left me one more to write for our wedding. It was so special to hand him these journals and let him know how loved he was before we even met! We took them on our honeymoon and read them together!”

bride in elegant wedding during first look

Lauren’s Elegant Wedding Dress:

Lauren wore a stunning Astrid and Mercedes A-line gown with a plunging neckline and a Garnish and Frill sash! Lauren explained how she knew she found her dream dress, “I wasn’t sure what I wanted, and Fabulous Frocks was my last stop. Angela suggested my dress just to try it on based on my feedback. When I looked in the mirror I just remember feeling like a “bride or a cake topper”. It communicated the style of wedding I wanted and I also knew my fiancé would love it. He would have loved anything, but this dress felt like something he would have picked himself. The dress really gave life to all my other ideas about the style of our wedding– classic and timeless, elegant, clean.”

aline wedding dress with a sash hanging on the wall

bride in elegant wedding dress

bride and groom walking through a modern sidewalk with trees

Lauren’s Advice for Future Brides:

“Enjoy the process and don’t worry about what you “should” be doing or feeling. Realize this is your experience and so be sure to be aware of any expectations you may be putting on yourself that aren’t necessary and adding stress to the process. At the end of all of the planning, you’ll get to marry the one you love and are committing to! Be sure to ask for what you need in the process, and make the day personal!”

bride and groom talking at the reception

bride and groom having their first dance

bride going down and industrial slide in her dress

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