Real Bride: Rustic Romantic Wedding

November 18, 2021

Happy Friday! We recently caught up with our real bride, Audra! Audra married her husband, Austin, this June! The pair met at a Whiskey Myers concert downtown, he was with a mutual friend when they were first introduced. Audra said she felt fireworks meeting him! They immediately started talking and things escalated quickly, the rest is history!

Audra’s Wedding

Audra and Austin became husband and wife on June 19th, 2021! When asking Audra to describe her wedding, she said: “Our wedding was held under a 200 year old August Osage orange tree on a horse ranch. It was a rustic, country style wedding! We wrote vows to each other, and included traditional vows as well. Austin and I wanted a heartfelt, but quick ceremony, and one that showed our passion for one another. People told us our vows were some of the most genuine they’d ever heard. We told people to dress comfortably (it was HOT that day) and they enjoyed being able to play yard games and dance while being cool and comfortable.”

“My favorite memory was when the doors opened and my soon to be husband first saw me. He got choked up and the smile that came across his face is one of the best moments of my life.”

Audra’s Dress

Audra wore a dreamy Moonlight fit-to-flare gown! We asked Audra how she knew she found the perfect gown, “My dress was actually the very first one I tried on. When I first saw the dress, I knew I wanted to try it on right away. When I put it on, I got shaky and felt goosebumps (THE dress feeling is real!). Seeing myself in the mirror, I knew no other gown could make me feel the same way. It was a feeling of giddiness and happiness I have never felt before!”

Advice from Our Real Bride

“You hear it a lot, but make sure it’s what you and your husband want. This is your day and it should reflect your personality and style, no one else. Don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself and make sure things are as you want it. It’s your memories and pictures that you will treasure. Also, realize the best timelines and plans will go awry. The day can’t go on without you or your husband so don’t stress too much if the timing isn’t exactly as you wanted, or things don’t happen exactly as you thought!”

Special Memories from Our Real Bride

“My dad’s health took an unfortunate turn and was unable to make it to our wedding. I pinned his tie pin badge (he was a police officer for 40 years) to my bouquet so he was with my mom and me as we walked down the aisle. We also branded a piece of wood from a wagon from my family’s farm with a brand that was designed for us by my father in law. It was a way to combine our families and start our own branch of the family tree.”


Makeup/Hair: Hello Lovely 

Florist: Good Earth Flowers

Dress: Fabulous Frocks of KC

Photographer: Felicia Ramirez

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