Real Bride Story : Brighton and Adam

November 26, 2022

Welcome back to our Bride Blog! We recently caught up with our real bride, Brighton to chat about her special day.

Brighton and her husband Adam got married in early October in a dreamy ceremony on their family’s land. The two have been together for just under 10 years and they met during their first class on their first day of college: “As we all shuffled into the classroom he straight up asked to sit next to me and proceeded to make me giggle the whole class. We didn’t learn a damn thing that first day other than we were made for each other.” Okay, how cute is that?! Brighton and Adam are also in the same band! She’s the singer and he’s the drummer, a match made in heaven!

Finding Her Frock

Brighton said yes to a stunning satin fitted gown with the perfect flare at the bottom. “It was the first dress of the appointment but I knew I found the dress for me as soon as I turned the corner!  I’d given Addie the vibe of what I wanted which was basically classic elements with a funky palo santo – cigarettes in a basement jazz club kind of feel. Dude, she nailed it. As a vocalist in KC – I’ve been performing my whole life so I’ve worn a hundred glittery dresses. This dress made me SHIMMER. I turned the corner into the pedestal room with my mother and my best friend waiting patiently. We all gasped as soon as the sunlight from the window hit me. I felt sexy, distinguished, and most importantly, ready to dance all night long!”

Special Memories from Our Real Bride

“Speaking of my band – basically the whole band was in the wedding party so you KNOW we had to get up and do our thing at the reception! I’ll never forget performing as husband and wife for the first time of many 🙂 There’s a totally sick portion of our wedding teaser with footage of our band playing! It’s on our videographers ig in her reels! @herthirdeyeproductions Also, Adam and I wanted to make our ceremony super special to us and we couldn’t think of a better way to complete our unity ceremony than to sing Rainbow Connection with our guitarist (also a groomsman) accompanying us. It was probably the highlight of my life.”


My photographer was included with my videographer (which is what she mainly does) Her name is Her Third Eye Productions ig is @herthirdeyeproductions

Jewelry: all my pieces except rings were sourced from @rivermarketantiques

Boutonnieres: broaches sourced from @rivermarketantiques

Shoes: both my husband and I wore matching shoes from @fluevog

Bow: we bought extra fabric from my dress designer and took it to @lucias_sarto and she made the CUTEST bow to match my dress 🙂

We want to say congratulations to our Real Bride Brighton and her husband Adam, we wish you both nothing but the best!

Stay tuned for more stories from our Real Brides!

Love the Fab Frocks Girls of KC,

Angela and Raegan

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