Tips for the Brides – Bridal Silhouettes

June 22, 2023

Hey Brides, happy Thursday! Today we wanted to drop some tips for the brides to help you prepare for your bridal appointment! As you’re booking appointments, I’m sure you’re hearing the same question: “Which silhouette do you like?” Sometimes, brides immediately know the answer. But other times (more often than not), it can be an intimidating question if you’re not familiar with the different types of wedding dress silhouettes. But, have no fear! That’s why we’re here! We’ve got you covered with a crash course of silhouettes to make sure you have a clear idea of what you want in a dress.

#1: Ballgown

Jasmine Bridal

A ballgown is probably the silhouette that brides are the most familiar with – channeling our inner Cinderellas here. This is the most full skirt that a bride will see. It is fitted through the bodice and then has a dramatic flare at the natural waist. What sets it aside from an a-line (which we’ll cover next), is the thick tulle layer that lays closest to the bride’s legs. This is often referred to as a “petticoat” or “crinoline”.

This type of silhouette can be suitable for all body types (you make the rules!), but often looks best on taller brides or pear-shaped bodies.

#2: A-Line

Jimme Huang Bridal

Like a ballgown, an a-line wedding dress is fitted through the bodice and flares at the natural waist. However, this type of skirt is slimmer than a ballgown and commonly resembles the shape of an uppercase ‘A’. This skirt often has more flow and movement to it, and is lighter weight than a ballgown.

It is suitable for all body types, and definitely checks all the boxes of a comfortable bride!

#3: Slim A-Line

Theia Couture

A slim a-line is very similar to an aline, but it is just that: more slim and fits closer to the body. This silhouette is still fitted through the bodice and starts to flare at the natural waist. However, the flare at the waist is more slimming, and in some instances, may still accentuate a bride’s curves or hips!

Like a traditional a-line, the slim a-line is perfect for any body type! It really is just a matter of how much fabric or poof you want the skirt to have!

#4: Trumpet

Moonlight Collection

A trumpet silhouette is fitted throughout the bodice and the hips, then flares mid-thigh. This can also be referred to as a “mermaid” style. The only difference between the two is with a mermaid silhouette, the skirt flares more at the knees, where as with a trumpet, the flare is happening higher on the leg.

This style is typically recommended for petite brides because the fit can help elongate the body. However, it is also suitable for curvier brides – showoff those curves girl!

#5: Fit-to-Flare

Moonlight Couture

A fit-to-flare silhouette really is all in the name! It is fitted throughout the bodice and hips, then has a very subtle flare just under the hips! It’s the perfect mixture for a bride that envisions a fitted dress, but still wants some drama in the skirt!

This is another silhouette that can be worn for all body types, from the tall and lean brides, to the curvier brides!

#6: Sheath

Theia Couture

A sheath gown is the slimmest of all, with a fitted silhouette from the chest down to the floor. This is a style that is often made in crepe, satin, or other lightweight materials and really hugs every curve! It is also typically the most light-weight silhouette as there are usually only around 1-2 layers of fabric: a lining and overlay.

This type of silhouette is typically recommended for lean brides, but can also be worn on a curvier bride. Again, you make the rules!

Now You’re Ready!

We hope that this crash course gave you enough clarity on which silhouettes you’re drawn to or what may look best on your body! With that said, we encourage first time brides to be open to several silhouettes, as you can definitely surprise yourself with what you love! And again, these are just recommendations, you make the rules on your wedding day and you get to wear what YOU want – no matter the shape!

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