Visionary Veils

February 14, 2019

Ladies! We are here today to share some of our favorite veils that we have in store to pair with the dress of your dreams. Veils are such a fun and delicate touch to the bridal look and truly brings it all together. Keep scrolling to see these amazing veils on real brides! 



This veil features a horse hair trim which is so beautiful and really gives a subtle but gorgeous dimension to the look. Not to mention how absolutely stunning it looks in pictures! 



Lauren is our beloved Raw Edge veil and likely our staff favorite! This veil has no trim on it and just seems to melt into the back of a gown so effortlessly yet is still so beautiful. 



This veil is another one of our staff favorite that has the sweetest Lace trim on the edging. This veil is perfect for giving a little extra length and detail to the back of a gown which looks stunning in pictures and while going down the aisle! 



Tia is for our brides who love a Short veil look! She has a light pencil around the edging which is such a subtle touch and flows so wonderfully. 


We are so in love with all of these beautiful sara gabriel veils and we have many more for you to choose from when you find the dress. Come see these beauties to tie together your whole bridal look. If veils aren’t your thing stop on in to see our gorgeous selection of gowns instead. Schedule an appointment with us by calling 615-224-3472 or visiting our website. We cannot wait to have you in the boutique!


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