Wedding Planning on a Budget: 5 Tips to Help Save Money!

April 5, 2019

Hello Brides!

Today we’re here to help our budget friendly brides with a few tips on how to save money while planning your wedding! Who says you have you to spend a fortune to have your dream wedding? Not us!

DIY Decorations: The best part of DIY decorations is that they’re cost friendly and fun to make! This is where Pinterest comes in handy to find cute decorations and majority of your materials can be found at your local Michaels or Hobby Lobby! Get creative when making your center pieces and use items such as mason jars or empty wine bottles.

Non-traditional Venues: Look outside the box for both your ceremony and reception venue and this could save you a big sum of money! Try looking for places that don’t typically cater to weddings such as breweries, vacation homes, country clubs, museums or a family members property!

Wedding Invites: Costs for any type of wedding stationary can quickly add up so it’s good to know a few tips and tricks to save you money! A great idea is using online invitation sites such as Shutterfly.com where they offer coupon codes once signing up. Another great website is Joy.com, they offer free electronic wedding invites! If you are not wanting to send all your invites that way, try sending just your save the dates electronically!

Catering: If your chosen venue allows you to use outside catering it’s a great option to look at alternatives such as buffets or food bars! A great catering resource is family-owned restaurants. They are more than likely to be honored to help you out on such a special day and make sure to treat you as one of their own!

Last but not least.. Off the Rack Dresses! The off the rack concept is something that is near and dear to our hearts here at Fabulous Frocks! Its a great option for brides who are needing a dress right away or just want to save money while dress shopping! Our off the rack gowns are new, sample gowns that are ready to be taken home that day at a fabulous discount!

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