What is “Ready-to-Wed”?

What is “Ready-to-Wed”?

Happy Friday! We hope you all have been having a fabulous week! For today’s blog post we decided to answer a question we get all the time! What is “ready-to-wed” and why should I purchase a ready-to-wed gown? Well no worries we have all the answers!

Here at Fabulous Frocks we offer a curated collection of ready-to-wed and made-to-order wedding gowns! Although we do have our made-to-order selection, we are primarily ready-to-wed! All our of ready-to-wed gowns are hand selected for our brides to purchase directly off the rack at a fraction of the original retail price. So what are the benefits of purchasing a ready-to-wed gown?

Take it home with you!

The most exciting part of a ready-to-wed gown is the fact that you will get to take it home with you the same day you find it! Being off the rack, we just have one of each gown so when you find your dress we want you to be able to claim it as your own which means taking it with you! Typical made-to-order gowns take about 6-8 months to arrive so ready-to-wed is the perfect option for our brides who are planning a wedding in just a few months! It’s also super exciting for any bride because this means you’ll have the gown to help you plan so many other aspects of your big day! Plus, there’s nothing better than falling in love with your gown and being able to take it home with you!

Big selection!

Being primarily ready-to-wed, we carry over 30 different designers! With each ready-to-wed gown, we just have one of that specific gown so this allows us to have quite the variety! A worry a lot of our first time shoppers have is that they are unsure of what kind of gown they want. This is where we come in! With having such a large variety of styles we will make sure you’ve seen everything and finding your perfect dress will be a piece of cake! It’s like you’re shopping at multiple stores at once!

Discounted Price!

One of our favorite parts of selling ready-to-wed gowns is being able to offer the gowns at a discounted price! It’s important to us to help every bride find their dream dress no matter what budget! Our ready-to-wed gowns do not have to be reordered which is why we’re allowed to give them a fabulous discount. We have a selection starting around $1200 but most of our gowns start around $1500! Who says you have to break the bank to find the perfect gown? Not us!

Ready-to-wed gowns are a great option for any bride! If you are still unsure about what ready-to-wed entails, give us a call at 615-224-3472! We’d love to chat! We can’t wait to help you find your dream gown!! Call us today to schedule your appointment! <3


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