How to Prepare for your Bridal Appointment

September 18, 2020

Whether it is your first time wedding dress shopping or you are far along in the process of finding your dream dress, we have compiled our best tips for wedding dress shopping!

1. Bring Photos or Send Photos Before your Appointment

Don’t feel like you have to be an expert on all of the lingo about wedding dress silhouettes or designers. That is what we are here for! The best way to describe your dream dress to us is through photos!

Bring photos from a previous appointment, or Pinterest. If you’re able to email them to us ahead of time, we can look through our inventory and pull dresses specifically for you!

2. Don’t Judge the Dress on the Hanger

Just like the saying, “Don’t judge a book by it’s cover,” don’t judge the dress when it’s on the hanger. If you see a dress that seems like it might not be the perfect look on the hanger, remember it might look totally different on you. In the end, it’s about finding the dress that makes you both look and feel beautiful, and you might be surprised by how much you love it when it’s actually on you. Keep an open mind.

3. Don’t Focus on Size

Bridal sizes vary and every designer is different. The good news is all bridal gowns are made to be altered. During your bridal appointment, be ready to use a little bit of imagination when you’re trying on dresses.

They might not fit perfectly now, but after a few visits to a seamstress your dress will fit you better than anything you’ve worn before.

4. Be Selective with Who you Bring to your Appointment

Your “say yes to the dress” moment is a big moment, but it’s also your moment. That friend who has a totally different style? Send her a photo later. Your super opinionated bridesmaid who thinks it’s her wedding? Let her pick out the bridesmaids dresses with you another day. Don’t let people pleasing run your appointment. If it’s just you and one other person who you trust, that’s ok! Bring your biggest cheerleaders, your greatest fans, and know that we are ready to be your hype girls when you need it.

5. When you Know, you Know

Wedding dress shopping is fun! But that doesn’t mean you should keep shopping forever. Just like when you said “yes” to your fiancĂ©, saying “yes” to the dress should come naturally. When you know, you know. Don’t overcomplicate it, and don’t keep shopping just because you feel like you should. Shopping can get exhausting, so say “yes” when you find it, and then go celebrate!

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