Real Bride: Isabella’s Coastal Spring Wedding

December 7, 2023

We’ve said before and we are saying again — we love to see how the whole wedding vision comes together! You know that we love to share the details of our Fab Frocks Brides’ weddings, and today we are sharing the details of Isabella and TJ’s coastal spring wedding!

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The Details

Isabella and TJ were married at Kalioka Stables on the southern coast of Alabama.

“About 100 of our friends and close family came,” she shared. “The way the Lord orchestrated it, it was so many people but somehow felt SO intimate.”

The bridesmaids wore satin gowns in shades of purple, green, and champagne, while the groomsmen wore button ups and suspenders. One of Isabella’s bridesmaids made the bouquets with baby’s breath – the bride’s favorite flower!

Looking back at the day, Isabella said that she loved sharing her and TJ’s story with their guests.

“My favorite part of the wedding was getting to share so much laughter and tears with my husband as we shared with our guests about how Christ had brought us together,” she said. “We felt so supported.”

“So many of our guests told us after the wedding that something about this wedding just felt different from any other they had been to,” she continued. “That can only be attributed to the sweetness and warmth of a union through Christ.”

The Wedding Dress

Isabella came to Fabulous Frocks with her best friend last October. When she arrived and met her consultant, Rachel, they realized that Isabella had studied abroad with Rachel’s sister and formed a quick connection!

She came to the boutique looking for a flattering and timeless gown for the coastal spring wedding. “I didn’t know much more than that,” she recalled. “I value family and heritage, so I was hoping for something that felt like my mom or nana could have worn, but with a flattering and classic feel.”

A strapless fit to flare by Antonio Gual was the last gown that Isabella tried on at the boutique. “I found a dress that at first was just pretty, but the longer I wore it, the more that the dress started to feel like ME,” she recalled.

Finding the Dress

Isabella came to the boutique with two other appointments scheduled. She arrived at Fabulous Frocks with the thought that she would get ideas at each store and narrow her choices from there.

“The journey to finding a dress could have been way easier, but ultimately I’m glad that God had it happen the way it did,” she continued. “I came into Fabulous Frocks first, and one of the primary things they told me is that I may be tempted to try on more and more dresses, but when I find one I love, to stick with it. Uh…. yeah. I should have heeded their advice.”

Isabella left the boutique and the dress behind to go to her next appointment. “I went to a different dress shop and was immediately confused, honestly to the point of tears,” she said. “After taking the rest of the day to think about it, I’d realized… that last dress I’d tried on at Fabulous Frocks was IT!”

Isabella returned to the boutique the next day and said yes to Cat by Antonio Gual. “What made it stand out is that it was woven with raw silk, a vintage looking material with a bit of shine to it,” she said. “It was beautiful.”

She paired the gown with a stunning lace veil by Sara Gabriel. The Chantilly lace of the veil effortlessly complemented the clean and elegant train of her gown. It was perfect for the coastal spring wedding!

The Wedding

Amber Michelle photographed the day, while Isabella and TJ handled many of the other aspects of the ceremony and reception.

“We wanted the food at our wedding to reflect who TJ and I are — people who love good food, but who are down for a good casual hang at any time,” Isabella said. With that in mind, Isabella and her mom made a charcuterie board for the reception. In addition, a local pizza place catered pizzas for the event. “Boy, it was SUCH a good move!” Isabella exclaimed.

The couple’s friends performed the music at the reception. Both musicians, Isabella and TJ also performed at the reception! “People always say that the wedding is out of your control as soon as it starts and to take problems with a grain of salt, but God made it just perfect,” she said, reminiscing on the day.

The couple honeymooned in Austria and Germany! “We knew it was a very different honeymoon than most people would go on (not as much relaxation and more exploring a whole new world), so do what is best for you!” she said.

Advice to Brides

Isabella advises brides-to-be to say yes to the dress when you find one that you love. “You may think you need to check THOUSANDS of dresses,” she said, “but if you feel fully yourself and fully beautiful in a dress, go with it!!!”

Congratulations, Isabella and TJ! We were honored to be a part of your special day!

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